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Cancello Est Italian Cooking School in Italy

Not just a Italian Cooking School in Italy but  a full Marchigiana Meal Experience.

Great Italian cooking comes from the heart and soul of its people and we want share its beauty with our guests!

At Cancello Est Italian Cooking School we provide a wide variety of events  that help you to understand true Italian cuisine, and take home some great skills learned at an authentic Italian Cooking School in Italy.

Italian Cooking School,  Demonstration Dinners:

Sit comfortably at your table while Valentina, our chef shows you how she prepares your meal in true Marche style using fresh, organic local produce. Just like watching Food TV unfold before your very eyes however, the bonus is that you can get to eat the demonstrated mouth-watering gastronomic dishes afterwards! A great way to spend a relaxing evening with good food, great wine and great company

Italian Cooking School, Hands On Classes:

Whether you’re a cook or just want to learn, at Cancello Est Italian Cooking School, we believe true Italian food brings everyone together. Spend the morning with Valentina learning how the locals prepare their amazing cuisine, and we will add some additional dishes to create a fabulous five course menu, so you can share together the fruits of your labour that evening.

Italian Cooking School, Food and Wine Pairing:

Did you know that Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world? The Etruscan and Greek settlers produced wine in the country long before the Romans started developing their own vineyards in the 2nd century BC. Have you ever wondered what type of meal is best suited with a Nebbiolo or Corvina or Nero D’Avola? If you’re interested in learning more about pairing Italian wines and food, then come and join us in the tasting cellar three storeys below the street.

Italian Cooking School in Italy

Italian Cooking School in Italy – Food and Wine Paring

Italian Cooking School in Italy

The Secrets of Pasta

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